These 4 Nordics basics will elevate your daily dental routine for your entire family! We’ve selected the 4 essential oral care products for impeccable hygiene of your family.

Did you know you’re likely to have an oral health condition you might not even be aware of? Dental problems are easy to ignore and not addressed immediately because they are not visible and don’t always cause pain or discomfort. However, there are plenty of studies which link poor hygiene to various major health issues such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s.

According to reports by WHO, oral diseases affect half of the world’s population, and 530 million of them are children with infections in their primary teeth. Most of these oral health conditions are highly preventable with the appropriate dental care products and frequent dental treatments. We at Nordics are in the business of making your smile even brighter and healthier with an alternative twist! This blog is dedicated to the 4 Nordics basics for healthier and stronger teeth for adults and children!

Nordics Premium Toothbrushes

For Adults

Choosing the right toothbrush is the first oral care product that will determine your personal oral hygiene. The Nordics adult premium toothbrush, available in 3 colors, blue, green and purple, is the ideal combination of expert dental quality and sustainability. What actually makes it different from the common manual and electric toothbrushes is the meticulousness and innovation behind the design. The ergonomic handle is made of PLA, a type of recyclable bio-plastic and the highest quality DuPont nylon is used for the filaments. The small and compact toothbrush head consists of 6580 really fine bristles, which ensure thorough cleaning every time you brush your teeth. While most typical toothbrushes have around 2000 bristles, Nordics premium toothbrushes are three times as effective and as eco-friendly as they can get, thanks to the biodegradable overall packaging. Expert teeth brushing is guaranteed!

For Kids

As for our little friends, the Nordics Kids Bamboo toothbrush is also available in 3 colors, blue, yellow, and pink. Loyal to the zero-waste lifestyle, this toothbrush is made of a fast-growing type of bamboo called MOSO. This type grows incredibly fast, and does not lead to deforestation. Thanks to the materials, the handle is biodegradable and the bristles are of the highest quality nylon and they are BPA free. BPA is a chemical found in many commercial goods such as toothbrushes and used to enhance the structure and duration of plastics, but it is considered highly toxic and can potentially disrupt your hormone functions. Eliminating controversial materials with safe and sustainable ones for adults and kids is of vital importance to the Nordics team.


Nordics Premium Toothpastes

Oral Care For Adults

We guarantee your morning breath will be as fresh as it can get thanks to  Nordics’ latest toothpaste! The brand new Natural toothpaste Nordics Morning Fresh with coconut oil and mint offers complete care, ensuring protection from bacteria buildup, cavity formations, and other gingival infections. The combination of the two natural ingredients makes it ideal for everyday use. Coconut oil has been a big part of effective oral practices for thousands of years for its antibacterial properties and the prevention of halitosis, meaning bad breath. The mint oil prevents bacteria overgrowth, which can lead to gingival and periodontal diseases and infections, and at the same time, leaves you with a refreshing sensation and minty breath. It also has aloe extract for gum protection, xylitol, and purely organic ingredients which do not harm you or the environment. Its unique flavor is nothing like you have seen before!

Oral Care For Kids

Dentists recommend a dental care routine from a very early stage in a child’s life, to avoid painful complications with their teeth growth. Nordics Brand New Kids Strawberry Splash toothpaste with the Probiotic SymReboot OC is the latest premium product designed for our little friends. The SymReboot OC is one of the three active ingredients and the first processed probiotic dedicated to oral care. It promotes the healthy microbiome, the enhancement of the oral cavity’s natural defenses, and the gums. The other two active ingredients, xylitol, and calcium lactate, have anti-cavity properties and help improve bone strength. It is highly recommended for children of all ages, but specifically for those with sensitive teeth and in need of the best care possible.


Proper tooth brushing with the right oral care products is the first move toward coping with the global dental crisis. Recently, the global health agenda puts an emphasis on oral health conditions, by improving access to dental care. We are proud to be part of this global movement and raise awareness of sustainability and health matters. Through our environmental-friendly approach and focus on innovation, Nordics offers premium dental care for adults and children. Learn more about the Nordics here.