About the brand

Nordics was established with the idea to change traditional dental care products for the better and combine professional approach with sustainable mindset.

Our story began in 2015 and since then we came to be one of the fastest growing dental care brands out there. Our products can be found in 35 countries worldwide and we are constantly developing and improving our portfolio. We were in the forefront of the “organic wave” that began in early 2015 in cosmetics and we haven’t stopped pushing boundaries since.
Offering clean label dental care is very important for us. We believe that the products that we use every day should be made responsibly and by professionals. Our ingredients and raw materials are supplied from the best in business and we keep our minds open for new innovation.

By developing Nordics as a new type of oral care brand we want to show and inspire change. Change that everybody can be a part of.

For business partners

We try to keep short distance between us and our partners because we believe that, after all, business, industry and progress are driven by people. One of the key factors for our success is the belief that we are building something important together.

We understand that our customers, distributors and wholesalers need to have the best possible prices in order to generate mutual benefits. This is why we have implemented a long-term strategy for lower margin sales. Our intention is to have stable and steady growth and not immediate sales.
Nordics products undergo a number of independent quality audits annually and we push the limits every year. Numerous international organizations stand behind Nordics and we can provide substantial documentation and certifications to prove our product’s quality.


Nordics is a brand that takes customer trust very seriously and we know that this cannot be done only with marketing claims. This is why we invest a lot of effort and resources for certification, laboratory analysis and tests. We work with several independent laboratories that make all necessary tests and safety assesments.

Some of our certifications include : Ecocert Cosmos Organic, Ecocert Cosmos Natural, Vegan by The Vegan Society UK, Cruelty free, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, GMP, FSC and other.
Different markets and different partners require various things and we are always up for the challenge.

Professional approach

All of our products are created from experts in the field of dental care. Our team of chemists, dentists and laboratory staff work in synergy in order to come up with the best possible products.


The idea for Nordics as a brand came from the need to switch from traditional dental care to more eco-friendly and clean label alternatives. Keeping our products "green" is a guiding principle in our work.

Clean labels

We use only proven quality ingredients and everything is laboratory tested along the way. Manufacturing products that are free from any harmful ingredients is a constant challenge but we are looking forward to it every day.