Bad breath is old news with Nordics!

Bad breath: A globally common concern

Everyone can experience bad breath, also known as halitosis, especially in the morning or after meals and drinks. It is considered the third most important reason people seek dental care or treatments, after tooth decay and gum disease. Even though we cannot be aware of our own breath, it is more evident in the people around us. Based on a survey, about 1 out of 5 people have a self-perception of their bad breath, whereas almost 8 out of 10 tend to notice others with bad breath.

 What is halitosis exactly? The name derives from the old Latin word meaning “bad breath”. According to the scientific definition of halitosis, it refers to an oral problem whose major symptom is bad-smelling breath. It is highly preventable once the cause of it is found, and a highly common oral condition, as it affects 1 out of 4 people globally. There are a few possible causes for bad breath, but the most common one is poor oral hygiene.

What causes bad breath?

Most people claim that the culprit of the foul smell is the bacteria living in the oral cavity. However, it can be the food residue stuck in between the teeth, which the bacteria break down and release sulfur compounds. Other foods such as onion and garlic can also leave an unpleasant smell in the mouth. Once the digestion is complete, their breakdown products reach the lungs, through the blood, where they can affect the breath.

Here are a few more potential causes for bad breath:


  1. Smoking. Tobacco causes a characteristic stale scent which is caused by the cigarette smoke lingering in the mouth and throat. The chemical compounds, released in the oral cavity, mix with the saliva and result in bad breath. Smoking also increases the chances of gum diseases, where bad breath is a major symptom.
  2. Dry mouth. Dry mouth or xerostomia is another oral condition that can cause bad breath. Saliva production helps remove food particles from the oral cavity. So when the mouth is dry, either naturally or because of a disease, bad breath is likely to occur.
  3. Crash diets. Dietary plans such as low-carb diets and fasting can produce halitosis due to the breakdown of the fat. The chemicals, which are produced during the breakdown, are called ketones and they have a strong smell that lingers in the mouth.
  4. Drugs. There are some medications that can inhibit saliva production, which results in dry mouth and therefore bad breath. Other medications can produce malodor as they break down and release chemicals in the breath, such as chemotherapy chemicals, tranquilizers, and even vitamin supplements in large doses.
  5. Nose, mouth, or throat health conditions. There are some small bacteria formed on the tonsils which produce halitosis. Also, infections in the nasal cavity can cause bad breath.
  6. Diseases. Metabolic diseases, cancer, liver failure, and gastroesophageal reflux disease can result in halitosis, because of the chemicals that are produced.

Nordics vs bad breath

It is often a source of psychological distress, but proper dental hygiene and healthier habits can fight it. Here are a few recommended Nordics essentials to get rid of bad breath simply in the comfort of your home:


#1: Morning Fresh toothpaste. Our new Nordics Morning Fresh toothpaste with coconut oil and mint is perfect for your morning routine. The combination of these two natural ingredients ensures complete protection from bacteria buildup, gum irritation, and halitosis. Mint has been used to fight off malodor since ancient times and is synonymous with fresh breath, so it is exactly what you need to have a fresh breath all day.


#2: Premium toothbrush. Our newest Premium Toothbrushes are equipped with 6580 bristles, making them three times more effective than the regular ones. The small heads ensure deep cleaning in every nook and cranny, so you are left with a fresh sensation with every brush. On top of the benefits in your dental care routine, the Nordics Premium toothbrush is made of recyclable bio-plastic and high-quality Dupont nylon, and the packaging is biodegradable, highlighting our sustainable approach.


#3: Dental floss. Our Nordics Dental Floss with Mint should be the second most important part of your dental care routine. It can successfully remove food particles that could not be removed by the toothbrush and protect the teeth and gum


#4: Mouthwash Soothing Fresh. Our Nordics Soothing Fresh Mint mouthwash completes the essentials for your daily dental hygiene routine. Thanks to the mint extract, it prevents bad breath, offering a fresh minty sensation both in the morning and night and protecting you 24/7. 


 Although bad breath is not considered a dental emergency, it can be embarrassing. If you’re suffering from this condition and would like to learn more about some of the ways to fight bad breath now, then make sure you check out Nordics products here. There are a number of premium dental products that will help you eliminate malodor, and elevate your dental hygiene all while choosing sustainability.