Welcome to Nordics Innovation Lab!

“Nordics” Mean Innovative Dental Care

We created Nordics to provide premium dental care with a sustainable and innovative approach in mind. If you have ever purchased a Nordics product, you must have witnessed that there is something different from the other oral care brands, which are available in the market. Nordics became a pioneer in the industry of organic care, setting an example with innovative ingredients and techniques. The clean label is a true indicator of it, and it is evident in every part of our business. 

Why Innovation Matters

The evolution of the dental industry throughout history has shaped our everyday lives in more ways that the young generations cannot comprehend. Oral care at home nowadays looks completely different from what it did even 50 years ago. This is mostly thanks to the technological advancements that disrupted the dental sector, among other medical fields.

What used to be a very painful dentist appointment now is a much more efficient and comfortable experience. The oral care products that people use at home cover most of their everyday needs in terms of protection and prevention of oral diseases. Let’s take toothpaste, for example. The first ever toothpaste recipe, documented in Egypt back in 4,000 BC, contained rock salt, dried flowers, pepper, ash from ox hooves, and burnt eggshells. The next version came to a lot later, in the 1700s, when people used stale toast, turned it into powder, and used it to scrub the food residue from their teeth. Let’s keep in mind that the toothpaste version, which is the most similar to the one we use nowadays, started getting mass-produced towards the end of the 19th century. 

Introducing Nordics Innovation Lab

The scientific team behind the Nordics oral care products has introduced various ingredients and techniques and continues to push the boundaries with every new product. A few examples include the use of the processed probiotic dedicated to oral care called  SymReboot™ OC by Symrise, toothpaste tubes made of sugar cane, and bottles made of rPET, a type of recycled plastic.

These innovative approaches are only a few of the steps Nordics has taken to provide eco-friendly and high-quality dental care products and distribute them to global consumers who share the same values.

Here are a few of the ingredients that inspired the new column: Nordics Innovation Lab.


  1. Hydrated Silica is a hydrated form of silicon dioxide, the second most abundant mineral of the crust of the Earth. The natural form of silica is crystal and when added to dental products after specific processes, it provides the abrasive element to effectively clean the surface of the teeth and prevent plaque formation. It can also help eliminate stains, making it a useful ingredient in whitening toothpaste as well. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) considers it a safe-to-use substance, listing it as a Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS). Since it is derived from an abundant material, it is a renewable natural source people can use with confidence.
  2.   Zinc Citrate is an odorless, slightly soluble in water substance and the result of the neutralization of citric acid using a high-purity zinc source. Its benefits in oral care include antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and the ability to prevent or eliminate tartar and plaque buildup. Zinc salts such as zinc citrate are considered safe and it is also listed as Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) by the FDA.
  3.   Xanthan gum is another FDA-approved food additive, also present in dental care products. It is a thickening and stabilizing agent and can be found in toothpaste. Its addition helps protect the enamel and may even be useful for people who suffer from dry mouth, as it encourages saliva production.
  4.   Glycerin also known as glycerol is a colorless and odorless liquid mostly used in cosmetics, and derived from vegetable oils or animal fats. It is also used in foods and beverages because of many reasons. For instance, it can be added to products for sweetness, moisture retention, softness or smoothness, sugar crystallization prevention, and volume and texture. Specifically, the addition of glycerin to dental products such as toothpaste provides sweetness, a pleasant texture, and body and moisture. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), glycerin is a safe substance, when used under safe manufacturing processes.
  5.  Lauryl glucoside is an alternative to sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), which is a common but dangerous detergent. It is a thick, yellow substance derived from coconut oil, corn sugar, or palm oil. While SLS can cause or irritate allergies, lauryl glucoside is the element that produces the foam while brushing, plus a natural and non-toxic cleansing agent.



Nordics will continue to shape the new age of dental care products, which need to be sustainable without the sacrificing of quality. Learn all about the Nordics philosophy on innovative oral care at home and browse through our clean-label products here.