Did you know your smile can reveal your age? Show us your smile and we’ll tell you how old you are! A younger person’s teeth have a cleaner, whiter enamel tone, a natural shine, and their gums are healthy-looking. As people get older, the teeth become stained because of drinks like coffee and red wine and the gum tissues pull away, revealing the base or root of the teeth. Since aging is inevitable, it is up to us to prioritize our oral health from an early age and maintain a healthy and bright smile.

There are plenty of dental care products available nowadays. Besides the typical and dominant minty flavors, the herbal dental product segment has shown great promise, winning over more consumers who are eager to adopt more natural products in their personal hygiene routine. While most oral care brands have yet to expand their product line towards sustainable practices, Nordics offers exclusively premium products with bio-certified natural oils, extracts, and active ingredients. Combining scientific expertise with nature’s best ingredients, the Nordics products highlight each element based on its properties and its benefits in oral health.

 The Nordics Natural Ingredients

Sneak a peek at the miraculous natural ingredients that Nordics incorporated in our unique dental product range.

  1. Sage. This herb belongs to the mint family, has a powerful aroma and earthy flavor, and is packed with nutrients and active ingredients, ideal for overall good health. Studies have revealed that sage essential oil is highly effective in preventing dental plaque, as it destroys the cavity-causing bacteria thanks to its antimicrobial properties.
  2. Nettle. Another staple in herbal medicine, nettle has been used since ancient times by Egyptians and Romans. It contains a lot of nutrients such as vitamins, polyphenols, minerals, amino acids, protecting the oral cavity from gum diseases such as gingivitis. Thanks to their properties, our Nordics Organic toothpaste for Sensitive Gums contains these two herbs to ensure structural integrity and healthy gum tissues.
  1. Charcoal. Ancient civilizations have used this natural ingredient to clean their teeth thousands of years ago. Currently, it is one of the biggest trends in dental care products and it is promoted for its teeth whitening properties. The active ingredients in activated charcoal also remove stains from the surface of the teeth, absorb toxins and prevent bad breath or halitosis.
  2. Matcha. The Japanese swear by the wide variety of incredible benefits matcha tea offers for optimal health. Studies show that the antioxidants present in matcha can help prevent up to 10 different bacterial strains, which cause tooth decay. It is also effective in treating gingivitis, fighting bad breath, and even reducing the risk for oral cancer. These two ingredients are present in our NordicsOrganic toothpaste Ultra White and needless to say, it is our best-selling product! The strong minty aroma leaves the mouth fresh and the teeth brighter.
  1.  Mint. It’s the dominant natural ingredient in most dental care products. Even though mint was widely used as an air freshener by ancient Greeks and Romans, Egyptians were the first ones to use it in their toothpaste. Besides the fresh breath and the cooling sensation, mint is rich in vitamins and minerals, which enhance the enamel, remove toxins and bacteria, prevent oral health issues, and overall ensure healthy gums and teeth. Moreover, the active ingredients in mint leaves stimulate saliva production, which is essential to keep the surface of the teeth clean. 
  2. Coconut. People all over the world use coconut oil for its many health-boosting properties. It’s a key ingredient in alternative and holistic medicine and the richest plant-based source of saturated fats. The lauric acid, the main type of fat in coconut, removes harmful bacteria, preventing oral diseases. It is also highly effective in protecting from the bacteria known to cause the bad odor and removing the food debris from the teeth, tongue, and inner cheeks.

 Our brand new Nordics Natural toothpaste Morning Fresh offers all the above-mentioned benefits and is ideal for your morning routine. Plus the added aloe extract ensures healthy and strong gums.


There are a lot more natural ingredients the Nordics products are based on because of their great benefits to oral health. Natural dental products are at the forefront of the global consumer’s preferences because the harsh chemicals are eliminated, which makes them safer to use for humans and the environment. Building a brand around sustainability and professional dental care, Nordics has been one of the pioneers in organic dental hygiene products. Allowing the natural ingredients to be the protagonist of the clean label is what allows us in Nordics to inspire change in the industry. It’s the alternative that matters!