Cordless Water Flosser Nordics EA139W



We bring you our new cordless water flosser Nordics EA139W – a revolutionary solution for your oral care needs. Effectively removes plaque build-up from the treated surfaces. The water stream reaches all interdental spaces because of the 360° rotation of the nozzle. Nordics EA139W has four levels of intensity for deep cleaning.
Exceptionally easy to use with a large removable reservoir of 300ml. Suitable for everyday use, especially for people with braces, implants or post-operative surgery. This device is completely water resistant with an IPX7 certificate.
In the box you will receive four cleaning nozzles and a USB-C charging cable. You will get two regular nozzles, one toothbrush nozzle and one nozzle for tongue cleaning.

-Effectively removes plaque from treated surfaces
-4 levels of intensity
-Reservoir of 300ml
-USB charging
-Water resistant
-Ergonomic design
-4 nozzles included

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