Nordics Premium Ortho toothbrush



The new Premium Ortho Toothbrush from Nordics is designed specifically for the needs of patients with braces and retainers. Our ortho brushes have a shortened middle bristle bundle so they can clean plaque and food debris from teeth without compromise, considering the metal appliances attached to the teeth. Thanks to its shape, both the surface of the teeth and the sides of the braces are cleaned.

The handle is made of bio plastic (PLA) and the fibres are made of high quality DuPont nylon. There are 6580 soft bristles in the brush head that will bring an exceptional feeling of cleanliness in this challenging period.

Recommended for patients with braces, retainers and aligners.

Opening a brand new toothbrush is nice, isn’t it?

Experience the incomparable pleasure of expert cleanliness.



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