Nordics is transforming the way brushing is done! Continuously bringing alternative that matters, this time we changed the game. Premium hygiene, stealth oral health, extraordinary experience for your senses every evening and each morning, and saving our planet from plastic pollution – we did it all!

We’ve written dozens of lines about the importance of oral health and the urgency of making a change for our nature. We don’t just raise awareness but also design useful, affordable tools for every household and every hand. This is how each Nordics product is born. We are extra proud of our Premium toothbrushes. See what stands inside the heart of the change:

1. The astonishing number of 6580 high-quality ultra-soft filaments make the cleaning surface of 3 standard toothbrushes. Each of these filaments is polished with a diamond disk during production so the fibers’ ends are sealed for microorganisms and erosion. This technology increases the cost of the toothbrush, thus few manufacturers choose to include polishing in their process. The relief of our teeth looks like the Himalayas – peaks and falls, angles, sharp edges. That is why it is crucial to have flexible and agile filaments that touch every point of our tooth enamel. Nordics premium brushes dense heads sweep away plaque and food residues. Brushing techniques are a very important part of the final result as well.

2. The handle is made of the bioplastic PLA – polylactic acid, a form of bioplastic that is made of renewable sources – fermented plant starch. That way petrol is never used for the production of these toothbrushes. They are 100% recyclable but also PLA production helps decrease the CO2 in the atmosphere. Isn’t that just perfect?

3. Reduced weight of the toothbrush handle – we’re saving from the production material by designing a reliable hollow structure of the handle for light and free movements of the hand. Nordics is driven by the minimalistic principle “Use exactly what you need – never more, never less”. We’ve invested efforts into the brush’s head – where it is essential to increase the cleaning power. Let’s not forget that many illnesses of the body start from the mouth.

4. The packaging is made of 100% recycled paper – staying true to our brand essence, we created a secure hygienic package that is made entirely of recycled materials. We consider this to be the bare minimum for a product with a green concept.

5. Soft, massaging bristles – statistics send a clear message that somehow remains aside from the hot topic in the industry. Nearly half (46%) of all adults aged 30 years or older show signs of gum disease and toothbrushes with soft bristles not only form a substantial share of the market but have a steady positive trend. This is by no chance. Actually soft filaments prevent the gums injury from excessive pressure while brushing – a habit a lot of us unwillingly are doing. Dentists recommend soft toothbrushes as an effective way to clean off plaque and keep the gum line safe. Nordics Premium toothbrushes proportionally distribute the pressure during brushing thus preventing irritation or gumline retrocession. Furthermore, the 6580 soft filaments gently massage the gum tissue and stimulate the blood circulation.

6. Fun and playful colors – last but not least we chose the most engaging colors that break the stereotype of brushing being an annoying chorus. Brushing can be beneficial AND fun. Enjoy!

Toothbrushes will always be the main dental cleaning tool. They have been existing in different forms since ancient times and long before forms of toothpaste were introduced into brushing. One of Nordics’ goals is to introduce high-quality, easily-accessible, and eco-friendly dental care for every consumer. We took another step in achieving that goal by introducing our premium toothbrushes.