It’s not uncommon to see influencers from every industry on social media. So, seeing dental professionals sharing content about their work and on dental health topics doesn’t come as a surprise.

 In a world where marketing is becoming increasingly digital, there are a growing number of online personalities who have turned their love for dental health into a lucrative career. These individuals use their social media accounts to share updates on the latest happening in the dental industry and provide information about different topics related to dental hygiene. In this article, we look at 10 of these individuals.

The following list consists of dental influencers to follow in 2022 and a few facts about their professional background as well as their social media activity.

10 Dental Influencers You Should Know

  1. Dr. Jason M. Auerbach , also known as Blood Tooth Guy (@bloodtoothguy) has a following of 175,000 followers on Instagram. He is a certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon and his social media content mainly focuses on oral surgery. He gained this massive following because he shares educational videos of his dental surgeries. If you don’t mind bloody, up-close teeth, he is your guy!
  2. Dr Teeth is a dental professionals’ hub with a YouTube channel with over 192,000 subscribers. The founder of this dental academy is Dr. Hina Malik, who shares simplified animated dental tutorials, covering topics such as oral diseases and sharing footage of dental treatments.
  3. Dr. Helen Mo, also known as Dentist Mom has a whopping 236,000 Instagram followers. She mainly shares content about baby teeth care using mostly infographics and graphics. Her target audience is primarily parents, but other dental professionals follow her and trust her expertise in pedodontics.

4. Richard Chwalek is a digital marketing expert specializing in the dentistry niche. His social media content is targeted to dental professionals who want to learn about digital marketing and grow their businesses online. His website is called “Niche Dental” and his main social media platform is Twitter, where he mostly shares the latest dental industry news and digital marketing tips.

5. Gary TaKacs, also known as Thriving Dentist has created a following across many social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest. He shares financial and professional tips on how dentists can grow their practice on his Podcast as well. With over 400 Podcast episodes, he is rightfully considered the “Godfather of Dental Podcasting”.

6. Dr. Thomas P. Connelly also known as the Father of Diamond Dentistry is another dental professional based in New York. He often writes blogs about dental trends and dentistry news in Huffington Post. He is also very active on social media and has a massive following of over 212,000 followers on Instagram.

7. Hack Dentistry is a dental education platform which shares informative tips in a fun way to dental students. The founder Dr.Sanketh Sharathkumar created this platform to provide an alternative and more effective solution to classroom learning and make it accessible to dental students around the world. His main social media platform is Youtube, where he shares animated and short videos to explain oral pathology terms.

8. Ann Marie Gorczyca, DMD, MPH, MS is a prominent clinical orthodontist with a 25-year career. She has been a professor in some of the biggest universities in the US and an author of the book titled “It All Starts With Marketing”. Her extensive knowledge in multiple areas has enabled her to share her advice on dental practice development, customer relationships, and dental management across her thousands of followers. Her social media presence extends to various platforms such as Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram.

9. Dr. Rhona Eskander is a London-based dentist with multiple awards and a massive social media following. One of the Internet’s best-known dentists, her behind-the-scenes content and down-to-earth approach made her a media favorite with over 100,000 Instagram followers. A young female trailblazer in a male-dominant industry you should follow!

10. Dr Milad Shadrooh, also known as the Singing Dentist, is on a mission to change people’s minds about a visit to the dentist’s office. He gained a huge social media following thanks to his viral videos. His entertaining yet informative dental-related parodies of popular songs has grabbed the audience’s attention, and that led to his brand. He’s living proof that dentists can be fun!


Dental health can be very easily promoted through social media, as it is quite accessible and the subject is relatable. More dental professionals turn to social media promotion, especially after the consecutive lockdowns because of the pandemic. There are many popular dental influencers on social media who have a large following, and a lot more will follow their lead to promote oral health, raise awareness about dental diseases and educate people on preventive measures.